Panties or not under your dress?

Snapshot_006Shopping for a nice dress these days can make anyone looking like a slut if you forget to put your panties on, I have tried many times to put my mesh cotton panties on under a new dress and failed. It appear that the creators of these nice outfits does not make panties, are we all doomed to walk around with the pussy out or your girl cock dangling down between your legs.

Are we letting ourself become something we are not, most of the time I can alpha out but when you have a sexy short dress where the alpha do more harm that good then you in trouble. You have this huge dilemma and all these questions race thru your head making you wonder if anyone care if you have no panties on, and does it matter if some noob or guy see your private part?

I should hope it does not care but I know there are plenty of those out there in the virtual world that treat their SL life as it was their RL, that is their thing I guess if you can’t disconnect your real life and have a fabulous virtual life where you leave the real concerns outside the internet. I would not care of someone got a kick of looking up my skirt or dress and see what I have under it, it that is their thing then they should be allowed to be freaks.

Last of all I wont mention the dress on blog but I am sure those of you who drop a substantial amount of Lindens on virtual clothes every week know where I got this one, a creator I have not got a whole lot from since I have not been entirely happy with things I paid for in the past and the ceremony to complain about the product I gave up cause she never got back to me. But this I got last night cause it looked so nice, and again I failed to try a demo.


When your excuses goes out of style.

After a long time in second life you learn to pick up on things that are not 100% like when you meet a person that constant have an excuse for not voice with you, I mean why not be honest if you are dating someone you like and want more than a sl fling. It is essential that you show yourself or voice, there are a lot of predators out there standing in line to use who ever come along. I seen a lot of them and you might have been close to become a victim yourself cause they are that good to blend in next to you, that it make it hard to pick them out. For as long as I can remember men have played women in SL, nothing wrong with that at all but if you get involved with someone who are a real women and did that without telling them that you are not a real woman that is cruel. At least if they look for a real life partner that many these days do, but if it is a sl thing then play the fantasy but do it good.

Back to what I wanted to talk about was all those that keep on with the lame excuses, like I met someone long ago she said she liked me and wanted to have more than a friendship I told her we should talk on voice so we could get to know each other faster that’s when the problems started.. First off they have no microphone or it is broken and they have still not bought a new one, does not mean its a man on other end yet some women special Europeans “can’t speak english / refuse..”.  You might accept that they can’t talk right now so you wait a few weeks and it comes up again and you get served more excuses like “I have not spoken English in years”, well it’s about time you start then no need to be afraid to voice.

So many women I have met in past they serve you with so many excuses that they could get away with 5 years ago, but today and no way if that will happen. I even offered to buy a headset to one of my friends but all of sudden that person had to leave SL, I guess to go play another of her alt’s. At least I have the ball’s to tell people I meet in this world who I am in RL if that come to the table or if it is a need to know, if the other person really like you they take you as you are in the virtual world that is my experience. To run around and tell old outdated excuses only make you look like a complete idiot and by doing that people will assume that you are a guy pretending to be a woman, does not matter how good you look cause anyone with a brain can make an avatar look nice.

It prob will come like a shock for some of you but women special those younger than 40 are more liberal than those over 40, they are not expecting to find a man like figure in SL they take you as you are if you are honest and don’t act like a complete jerk. I once had a girlfriend that took me just as I was I only wish I had her still, but I guess it was part of my learning process to lose her to maybe gain some thing else that I have not found yet.

Last words for those it apply to, never to late to start be “cool”.

Update V0.87b

I am at this point now in my new second life as I have gone from mesh body and  Catwa to the bright side of SL, a new shape more curves than I ever had and a bento head from same as the old. I know this is a lot of work the tweaking can make a person go crazy if you are a perfectionist, I cheated this time and bough a premade shape that I can play around with. Took me most of saturday and sunday to get as much done so I could dare be around other people without look like an alpha project, and now I look more like a beta + / almost done project.

Initial this was not part of my plan to look like this I had plans to look like I always have, with help of a friend I got a skin and a shape that gave me boobies and a bigger butt. Went from pale to tan I have been running away from this look for years, and it was not bad at all now I can blend in with a random curvy bimbo if i

No pictures as of now you need to draw a mental picture of how I might look like, I would think a curvy body, booty and a pair of bigger boobies will get you starting to make your mental image nice or give you nightmares…

Ps: Feel free to jerk off to the mental images…. he-he…