Panties or not under your dress?

Snapshot_006Shopping for a nice dress these days can make anyone looking like a slut if you forget to put your panties on, I have tried many times to put my mesh cotton panties on under a new dress and failed. It appear that the creators of these nice outfits does not make panties, are we all doomed to walk around with the pussy out or your girl cock dangling down between your legs.

Are we letting ourself become something we are not, most of the time I can alpha out but when you have a sexy short dress where the alpha do more harm that good then you in trouble. You have this huge dilemma and all these questions race thru your head making you wonder if anyone care if you have no panties on, and does it matter if some noob or guy see your private part?

I should hope it does not care but I know there are plenty of those out there in the virtual world that treat their SL life as it was their RL, that is their thing I guess if you can’t disconnect your real life and have a fabulous virtual life where you leave the real concerns outside the internet. I would not care of someone got a kick of looking up my skirt or dress and see what I have under it, it that is their thing then they should be allowed to be freaks.

Last of all I wont mention the dress on blog but I am sure those of you who drop a substantial amount of Lindens on virtual clothes every week know where I got this one, a creator I have not got a whole lot from since I have not been entirely happy with things I paid for in the past and the ceremony to complain about the product I gave up cause she never got back to me. But this I got last night cause it looked so nice, and again I failed to try a demo.


Sponsored bloggers, real or fake?

A weird title for sure but I once asked a blogger that I know about the review she made for the top fashion brands she blog for in SL, if she was honest in what she wrote or if she was blowing smoke up our asses. She told me she could not be honest cause then the designer / creator would not want her as a blogger, I was not shocked to hear it cause I had a feeling many of the bloggers who have a sponsor lie no matter how shitty the product they try to promote is cause that is how it goes in blogger land SL.

I would love to see and read an honest blog where there are people with balls that dare write what they think of the product they are blogging about, that would be most fair to the consumer that is spending their hard-earned Lindens because of a dishonest blog post made by someone who love to kiss ass for free items.

My personal conclusion would be that a blogger that is sponsored and never have anything bad to say about the product(s) they promote are a fake blogger, not a truth teller but a person that would kiss ass to get anything for free. What a bad thing to have on your resume that you love to kiss ass for free warez, it sounds dumb and yes I can’t stop laughing.

I doubt any designer or creator would dare have a blogger blog about their product and be honest about it, I would love to read a blog where the designer dare put their product to the test let someone who are not afraid of the ban-hammer decide what they like or not. I have stopped to read these fashion blogs cause they all try to over due each other telling how fantastic this product is, when it clearly is crap.



Indyra the Ikea of Second Life.

After being absent from second life for a long time due to real life and other not important things I have been able to log on and enjoy this virtual world again, and now even more stores to spend the precious lindens in buying all kinds of outfits. I was not sure where to buy the good clothes so I decide to go visit one of the store I liked best in the old days, I remember last time I shopped at her place it was a court-yard like it is now but I was almost knocked off my feet when I walk inside the store.

All the amazing outfits that cried to me “buy me., you need me”, I managed to sneak past that and when I walk further inside the store I am getting a weird feeling I have seen this type of store before. I had to tell a friend that it felt I was in Ikea cause I went from clothes department and into furnitures, and I was thinking I had walked thru a loop-hole first and ended up in an alternative dimension cause the Indyra I remember made amazing clothes and shoes. So for me it’s a mystery what happen, have designers become so desperate to sell things that they practically sell anything.

I walked around fearing I would walk into the car department and thank god I did not do that. I did not find anything at her store today maybe when I get used to the Ikea feeling I will be able to shop there again, for now I stick to the fair’s.

To back up my conclusion I made two pictures so you can see the Ikea of SL.