The pressure of shopping.

From left to right you are constantly reminded that you need to buy new virtual items, from useless mesh things to expensive clothing that only look freaking cool and awesome on the posters and in reality you are saying “What the fuck!!”. Oh yes I have said that a few times also after I tried the demo, because the demo was not 100% like the product I paid for. I have so many times been standing there in the middle of the room wondering if the designer have to many events to keep track off that they simply does not give a fuck about their product quality, sad that many well-known designers barely have time to review their product all they do is splash on a texture than off you go.

At least this is the feeling I am stuck with this summer alone I have sent notecards to a few designers and complain about their “mesh leaking clothing”, and sadly you do not get a replacement or a refund. I get from no answer at all to oh..thanks we will look into it. That does not help me at all, how am I going to be happy about the 300L dress I bough and all you say is sorry.

It’s about time there come a user – consumer agency that actual take care of these things, I fed up with these designers that does not care or give a fuck about anything as long as the Lindens are rolling in on their account(s). I should have rights as they have when people copybot their shit, where are my rights when thief designers does not stand by their product(s).

There are still old second lifers that pretend they does not know when it comes to how consumer rights works, and how to run a business. I am not going to go into the brands this day but I have encountered so many old and new brands where they have no clue about customer service or they simply do not care. But when you boil it all down you need to shake some Linden ears to, they should have set some ground rules on how to run a business but we all know all they care about is our money in any currency.


Indyra the Ikea of Second Life.

After being absent from second life for a long time due to real life and other not important things I have been able to log on and enjoy this virtual world again, and now even more stores to spend the precious lindens in buying all kinds of outfits. I was not sure where to buy the good clothes so I decide to go visit one of the store I liked best in the old days, I remember last time I shopped at her place it was a court-yard like it is now but I was almost knocked off my feet when I walk inside the store.

All the amazing outfits that cried to me “buy me., you need me”, I managed to sneak past that and when I walk further inside the store I am getting a weird feeling I have seen this type of store before. I had to tell a friend that it felt I was in Ikea cause I went from clothes department and into furnitures, and I was thinking I had walked thru a loop-hole first and ended up in an alternative dimension cause the Indyra I remember made amazing clothes and shoes. So for me it’s a mystery what happen, have designers become so desperate to sell things that they practically sell anything.

I walked around fearing I would walk into the car department and thank god I did not do that. I did not find anything at her store today maybe when I get used to the Ikea feeling I will be able to shop there again, for now I stick to the fair’s.

To back up my conclusion I made two pictures so you can see the Ikea of SL.