Bimbo Trix is a fiction Character in SL!

For obvious reasons I have decided not to post my name I use in Second Life on my blog, not keen on answering a gazillion questions from horny avatars that think I am a cheap lay… lol…

First off if you consider play a dickgirl / shemale / or any other avatar that involves a penis on a female body then you should listen good.

The name what ever you do never ever pick a male name, it does not matter that you can change your screen name we still be able to see your “bob999” and nobody serious want to hookup with a bob that look like a woman…

Once you figure out a suitable name for your new avatar then don’t go for all the cheap crappy clothes, skins, mesh bodies etc. There are plenty of places to find good shit like on hunts, or you can check out a lot of great ideas and help along the way to look hot as hell.

And whatever you might think do not buy a cheap ass penis, I use an expensive one (Aeros) that is for men but you can use it for your dickgirl. Once you got all this sorted you could use search and find a few great places, I would recommend a sim called Abbey Island (just write in the map box and it find the sim). It’s an adult sim so your avatar need to be verified as an adult or you wont get anywhere good, no need to join expensive groups that claim to be the best out there. Trust me if you know how to roleplay you do not need to join these places that offers a lot they can’t hold on to, there are a lot of smaller communities that does it way better.

The bottom line is that if you act like a normal person and do not become a moron you will be a well liked person that others want to hangout with, so remember to act nice no need to be acting like a bitch and think by being rude you get all good attention. People will run away from you and I have seen people lose a lot of cred by being an asshat, be yourself make nice and fuck like a star and you are good!

By now you prob should have spent a shit load of lindens to look fab and ready for some hardcore action, figure out who you are gonna play who is your character? You could make up a story or free form play I sometimes do that, but usual I am top I rarely let someone fuck my tight little butthole….!

After a lot of tweaking your avatar, color matching cock and skin, appearance and when you feel ready you could end up at a place called The Blacklist it should be a sure thing if you play your cards right!  And no matter what never ask someone you just met for ASL (age, sex & location) you are not here to date real life for that log out of SL. Remember what happens in SL stays there, no need to drag real life here it spoil the roleplay!

If you still here and can’t figure it out start on top and read again, or if that does not help you should probably leave SL!