Update V0.87b

I am at this point now in my new second life as I have gone from mesh body and  Catwa to the bright side of SL, a new shape more curves than I ever had and a bento head from same as the old. I know this is a lot of work the tweaking can make a person go crazy if you are a perfectionist, I cheated this time and bough a premade shape that I can play around with. Took me most of saturday and sunday to get as much done so I could dare be around other people without look like an alpha project, and now I look more like a beta + / almost done project.

Initial this was not part of my plan to look like this I had plans to look like I always have, with help of a friend I got a skin and a shape that gave me boobies and a bigger butt. Went from pale to tan I have been running away from this look for years, and it was not bad at all now I can blend in with a random curvy bimbo if i desire..lol..

No pictures as of now you need to draw a mental picture of how I might look like, I would think a curvy body, booty and a pair of bigger boobies will get you starting to make your mental image nice or give you nightmares…

Ps: Feel free to jerk off to the mental images…. he-he…


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