The Fall of the Mainland.

I always been a big fan of mainland even that it has a bad reputation with a wide range of crazy build metodes and objects scattered in the air on random. Never the less it has had a charm to it at least it did until the land sharks start to buy up every inch of the grid and rent out at high cost and some times they try to sell it at insane profit but most of the times they let it go back to Linden Labs.

To me that is a waste of time, money, energy but I guess it is easier to give back to the “man”, than sell cheap to the little man on the map. I have myself bough and sold mainland and have had a lot of luck, a few times I have got land right off LL that is very rare today. I would guess / assume some of these big land owners have a hand in a Lindens pocket since they magical seem to be there at the right times, that would be the only reason to how they get all these full sims nobody have seen up for grabs and by magic it belong to them.

It would be speculation and I am sure there are many others on the grid thinking same as me, most people are for sale for cents and worse. So the only way I have been able to find cheap land is to fly over the mainland sim by sim, hour by hour. If i actual was paid for all the time I had spent looking for land I would be smiling all the way to the bank, but the glamour for us mortal avatars is not as good as it might look like. I would guess most of the hobby land owners like myself have spent a lot of time find these gems, and not like some I suspect have it handed to them.

I have been monitoring the adult mainland in special for a long time and it appear to me most of the same parcels are for sale for months and even years, I might not be a professor in math but you would have to charge a substantial amount of real money to just get even on the rent the land owner(s) pay to LL to own mainland. And frankly how things are sold as of today it is for pennies and donuts.

I think it’s no wonder many of the land speculate go under with the prices they operate with, so to see that 60% of the adult land based on parcels pr sim is more or less for rent or sale I do not understand how they can keep it going. Why not drop prices so people can afford to buy it, nobody with a brain will pay the insane prices as today. I cannot imagine there is much to earn sitting on a load of unsold parcel just because one time a man or woman was able to sell their 512 for 25 times it real value. Those times are long time I once did sell a 512 sq m for 17500 and cost price was 512, that was a good day but I had it for about 4 months before selling it. I think the new owners where able to earn a little less when she sold it and then price went even lower for the 3rd owner and now there is nothing for sale there.

The day Sansar is online and operating I assume that’s the day a lot of mainland land owners will get to meet their maker so to speak, to bad it is not regulated in a different way like the premium land that LL gives to those who subscribe. I am a happy camper knowing I have no ties to mainland for now, vacation is around the corner and when I am back I am sure a lot of the properties have shifted owner or been taken by LL cause they set sell price insane high and rather lose money than lose face by selling at a lower price. The never-ending circle of being a land owner on mainland, finishing off with a picture taken off the adult part of mainland and part of Horizon that sadly have become another shitty place thanks to all who speculate that imagine the consumer actual will pay fantasy price for a virtual property.



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