Hair Fair Jungle.

I took the time to go and look at the hair fair and once I got there I was instant confused, I found it to be very much hard to navigate around could be a few teleport boards and they should have put things of certain categories stuff closer to each other. I am sure there are spots I never got around to see, was too much back and forth and that made me give up.

Also other friends I ask about the fair say they are somewhat disappointed over the hair, they where more concerned that the creators had not overdone themself in the creation phase. I liked most of the hair samples I have tested today and also the free gifts was cool, but it makes me sad when a creator charge 1$L for a gift that is greedy and I walk straight past their vendors not even a peak.

There you have it I did not buy any thing at the fair cause for one I was broke, and the I got some nice gifts I can use. It is a shame that every thing in this world cost a fortune, 300 a week from LL and what do you get for that not much would be the correct answer.




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